Software Due Diligence

Reduce the risk of a technology acquisition with expert analysis and review by NETQUIK. Our services consist of a highly tailored in-depth software review, culminating in a final report with specific software recommendations. The analysis can be performed either statically, reviewing the software but not running it, or interactively.

What We Offer

  • An expert assessment of the code before you acquire it
  • An exhaustive licensing assessment, including proprietary, open source, and IP
  • A customizable project to fit your budgetary and time requirements
  • A comprehensive report with an Executive Summary including a scorecard rating system that compares standard factors across software of similar complexities

Licensing Analysis

NETQUIK works with your legal team, providing a detailed analysis of the underlying external components within the software, the usage of copyrights, any shared codeopen-source software usage with links to the specific licenses used, and a listing of any contributed software (for products that contain software written by outside sources that are distributed with the software). In some cases, we can also provide a listing of unattributed public software. While NETQUIK provides detailed information and is available for follow up conferences, it is your legal team that makes the final determination of compliance of the software with the licenses.

Software Analysis

A software analysis can be very high-level or very specific depending on your budgetary and time constraints. NETQUIK has a number of proprietary tools that can help provide some general information, which combined with targeted visual review can provide an overview of the software quality and potential issues. NETQUIK also employs teams of extremely experienced developers who can perform a more manual, in-depth review of the code base to address specific concerns.

Some of the services that NETQUIK can provide include:

  • A highly-technical review of the software, with specific recommendations for software changes in the areas such as memory usage problems, constructor issues, dangerous coding constructs, performance issues, initialization problems, and more.
  • Analysis of the coding quality, adherence to current standards for the particular language, usage of language constructs, and best practices implementation.
  • Extensibility assessment of the software architecture and design. Specific extensions can be reviewed in the context of an existing product. May include, if desired, specific recommendations for design and implementation of new features or improvements.
  • Software engineering process review. With access to the environment, NETQUIK can assess the software engineering practices, the tools in use, and the release methodology employed to provide a confidence factor for continuous improvement.

NETQUIK specializes in the review of C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, Ruby, Perl, Python, PHP, SQL and noSQL, shell, Makefile, awk, sed, and many assembly languages running on all Windows variants, Linux variants, Unix variants, and Apple OS X.

The software audit can be performed either at your location or offsite under mutual nondisclosure agreement using our servers.

For more information about our services, please send your inquiry to: Software Due Diligence Inquiries

Thorough and comprehensive software due dilligence by the team provided the necessary confidence and assurance to move forward with our acquisition. This was supported by excellent documentation which included the critical areas of security, licensing, code quality, and extensibility ultimately providing assurance to the Board of the soundness of the opportunity and investment. They are a highly competent and professional team!
Michelle Teufel Global Head of Planning – Premier Farnell plc