NETQUIK LLC was formed by two partners from MIT and CMU to provide the highest-quality software solutions with full functionality on time and within budget.

Built Upon Reputation

Since 1998, we have been delivering software that solves problems, on time, every time, for our clients year after year. We understand that software has to be designed and implemented to the highest industry standards, while also being easy to extend when new requirements are added. We also understand that budgetary constraints and deadlines are real.

Innovative and Pragmatic

NETQUIK works with clients to solve real problems or provide a better alternative. Our agile development methodology gives our clients the advantages of rapid prototypes, interactive designs, and comprehensive solutions so that there are no surprises.

Areas of Expertise


Image Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Neural Nets, Data Mining Algorithm Design, Cross-Platform Design, Client-Server Design, Financial Technology, Static Application Testing, Software Architecture Analysis, License Verification, SOC2 Type 1 and 2 Security Audit Preparation


C, C++, C#, Angular, React, ReactNative, Java, Javascript, TypeScript Python, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, SQL Server, MySQL, NoSQL, PostgresSQL


Amazon AWS Gov Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Cloudflare, SaaS Hosted Solutions, Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS, Embedded Solutions